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Make the Most of Every Acre

Automated cultivation of the world’s most productive plant

Fyto builds automated cropping systems that use the natural productive power of the aquatic plant, lemna, to improve nutrient management while creating climate-friendly, nutrient-dense agricultural ingredients. The Fyto Farm System drives increased agricultural sustainability and profitability. 

Dairy Farm


Fyto farms prevent pollution and alleviate regulatory issues by recovering nutrients that might otherwise be lost to the environment.


Fyto farms produce valuable nutrients, such as protein and starch, using less resources (land, inputs, water, labor, power) than existing alternatives.​


Fyto’s crops can be grown on or near customer farms for extended seasons, bringing new levels of stability to crucial agricultural supplies.


Fyto grows ultra-resilient crops that tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Fyto meets growing consumer demand for regenerative, circular, soy-free, organically grown products.

Fyto exists to solve major problems for farmers.

The Fyto Farm
One Simple, Self-Sustaining System

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Two Field-tested Components

EG Fyto-Drone View-1.png

The Fyto GrowGrid

This durable, automatically-controlled raised growbed of aquatic plants is placed on dairy producers’ farms for ultra-efficient nutrient management. The system architecture has been designed to allow for modularity and simple integration into a range of existing farming operations.

EG Fyto-Drone View-1.png
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The Fyto Harvester

The heart of the system. An autonomous industrial machine that continually travels over the Fyto GrowGrid to cultivate, monitor, and harvest aquatic crops.

The Fyto ReCover™ Process

Fyto's ReCover process integrates seamlessly into existing agricultural operations such as commercial dairy farms. The process has been designed to alleviate nutrient management problems while creating new streams of value for participating farms.

Regenerative farming built for scale

Fyto's process is a new innovation in nutrient recycling, soil conservation, and sustainable crop production. It has been designed from the ground up to serve the food system at scale.

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The Epitome of Natural Efficiency

Lemna’s unique ability to grow rapidly, uptake nutrients efficiently, convert excess nitrogen into organic protein, and produce vital nutrients in a safe and palatable form, grants it singular power in supporting agricultural profitability and environmental sustainability. 

Today’s Regenerative System Serving Next-Gen Farming Needs

Contact us to learn how to make the most of every acre on your farm to ensure its profitable, enduring growth, and discover how Fyto helps farmers do the work that fuels everyone’s.

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